Alice and Erika in Better Together (Alice Antoinette, Erika De Leija) [PlayboyPlus]

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Alice and Erika in Better Together

Enjoy a little sunshine with the gorgeous Playboy Muses, Alice Antoinette, and Erika De Leija. On location in sunny California, these two models are thrilled to be posing together for Playboy Girlfriends. Dressed in fun outfits, the two enjoy each other’s company while looking out at the skyline. Soon enough, they’re undressing each other under the hot sun. Glowing and looking absolutely gorgeous, Alice and Erika couldn’t be having more fun. “My experience was amazing,” Erika tells us after shooting. “I met lovely people! I spent the whole day working with another model, [Alice,] which I haven’t had too much experience with, but it went so well!” When it comes to posing nude, Alice couldn’t feel more comfortable. “I love posing nude,” she says. “Everything feels right with being free and beautiful within my own skin!” As for Erika, she couldn’t agree more. “My ultimate goal would be to have nudity be something that is more normalized,” she says. “Bodies are so beautiful!” If you just can’t get enough of the lovely, Alice and Erika, make sure to let them know in the comments below, right here on Playboy Plus!