Fake Pub: Bonus Opportunities (Shi Official, Jennifer Keelings) [FakeHub]

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In order to boost sales at the Fake Pub, John hires Shi Official to work the bar, using the logic that tits attract punters, and punters mean more money! While this is good for John’s debt to Antonio, it’s bad for Luke, who is convinced by Brad and Janet that once John starts fucking Shi’s tight pussy, he’ll be out of a job. Luke schemes to convince Fake Pub patron Jennifer to invest in the bar, but she tells him she needs to see the pub filled before making a decision. That’s when it comes to him: Luke suggests a sexy strip night in the bar, and Shi agrees to the opportunity to get her tits out and have money thrown at her! The night of the party, Jennifer is so entertained by Shi that she gets horny, and soon John, Luke, Shi, and Jennifer are having a fullblown orgy in the pub. John and Luke cover the ladies in cum, Jennifer agrees to invest, and Luke’s job is safe… for now.