Make up sex is the best sex (Alexis Crystal) [SexyHub]

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After a lover’s quarrel leaves her at odds with her boyfriend, John, Alexis Crystal lies on her bed melancholically. John comes into the room and sits sadly on the edge of the bed, apologizing to his girlfriend. Alexis forgives him, and engages John in make up sex. The couple kisses, then Alexis slips off her panties while John slides between her thighs. John kisses and licks Alexis’ pussy, pleasing her immensely. Alexis then sucks John’s dick, and next asks him to sit on her face so she can give him a rimjob while wanking him off. Flipping over, John fucks Alexis doggystyle and missionary and makes her cum, then sits on her face again, jerks himself off, and gives her a facial.