Nurse 2 (Veronica Clark) [TheLifeErotic]

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Sizzling-hot Veronica Clark is a nurse with a kink for medical play in this explicit fantasy from erotic legend-turned-director Sandra Shine. Veronica, a babe from Ukraine with blue eyes, a long, golden-brown ponytail and a discreet nose piercing, is dressed in a short white tunic over a tiny lace thong – not strictly regulation uniform but she preps and cleans the medical room with expert ease.

Sitting on the bed, she pulls a thin latex glove onto one manicured hand and her arousal is obvious to see. She sucks and licks her fingers, pleasure already written all over her pretty face. Her eyes, enhanced with understated smoky makeup, close and her full, subtly glossed lips pout. Next, she caresses her curves, then hikes up her tunic to reveal her barely there underwear. She teases her crotch, the latex-clad hand slipping inside her panties to masturbate her shaved pussy.

She licks her fingers again, now wet with juices, then strips off her tunic and puts on a second glove. The camera zooms in for a close-up as she massages her perfect breasts, pulling down her bra to expose stiff, pierced nipples. She removes the bra and masturbates again before peeling off her sexy thong. She kicks off her white nurse’s clogs to bare her feet, then lounges on the bed.

Thighs splayed, she manipulates her smooth snatch and moist butterfly lips, then circles her gloved fingers over her clit. Her crotch is glistening-wet with juices and, after a pause to taste them, she plunges one finger, then two, into her pussy and lets out an ecstatic sigh. Her moans continue to rise in pitch and volume, turning to loud cries as she frigs herself to orgasm. She continues to rub her pussy, soothing and stimulating her tender folds.

Next, she unwraps a clear plastic speculum and inserts it deep inside of her lubricated snatch. When it is firmly in place, she adjusts it, opening herself up even wider. As she masturbates her slippery clit, the camera zooms in for a sharp close-up of her stretched pussy.

Her beautiful, slim body tautens then quivers as her second orgasm hits, even more intense than the first. Slowly, she withdraws the speculum, and her gaping pussy immediately snaps tight shut once again. As she caresses its wet folds, the camera lingers for one final close-up before the picture fades…

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