Playmate December 2018 (Jordan Emanuel) [PlayboyPlus]

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Hit play on the jukebox with the gorgeous Playmate, Jordan Emanuel in this retro-themed shoot for her spread as Miss December 2018. Dressed in a yellow lace bodysuit, Jordan looks breathtaking on set with the photographer, Dove Shore capturing her. “I’m fiercely independent,” says the gorgeous Playmate, who first started out as a Bunny at our Playboy Club New York. “If Rihanna and Stevie Nicks each went half-in on a baby, that would be me,” she laughs. “I have two distinct personalities: the sage hippy, who’s all about alignment and manifesting, and the BadGalRiRi, who has a strong sense of self.” While she is fierce, for Jordan, it’s important not to mistake her confidence with arrogance. “I have a resting bitch face, but I don’t have a resting bitch attitude,” she tells us. “I’m definitely friendly when it comes to women. As for men, I’m known to be a little savage,” she laughs. Sexy, independent and totally sweet, you won’t be able to get enough of the lovely, Jordan, right here on Playboy Plus!