[PornMegaLoad] Brandii Banks (Brandii’s Socal Pickup / 12.06.2019)

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Brandii Banks is cruising a Southern California neighborhood on a sunny afternoon. What’s this sexy 41-year-old doing? The same thing millions of men have done but in reverse: She’s looking for a hot guy to pick up and fuck, and when she sees him, she asks him if he needs a ride.
Reverse the situation: A guy is cruising in his car and asks a girl if she needs a ride. She’ll probably say no. But Stirling is eager and ready, and he knows the opportunity of a lifetime when he sees it.
“Yeah, sure,” he says, and he hops into Brandii’s car.
“Wanna come back to my place?” Brandii asks. “Let’s go have some fun.”
“This is my lucky day,” he says. “Holy shit!”
Damn right it’s his lucky day. When they get back to Brandii’s place, this hot mom sucks his cock then fucks it every which way until Stirling can’t hold back and shoots his load in her mouth. It drips down her chin and onto her chest.
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