[PornMegaLoad] Sierra Fontaine (Anal Accountant / 12.20.2019)

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Scotty needs to have his taxes done, so he goes to Sierra Fontaine’s office. She’s the sexiest tax accountant he’s ever seen. This 63-year-old hottie is wearing a sheer top tied just below her tits. Her belly button is exposed. She has long strawberry-blond hair, and she’s wearing a very short skirt, so short that we can see the tops of her stockings. And she has very long legs. Scotty notices her. Sierra notices him. She likes what she sees. “Wow, he’s so hot and sexy,” Sierra thinks. “I wish all my clients looked like him. And he’s so young. I wonder if he has a big cock?” They start working. Turns out Scotty is trying to claim some unusual tax deductions. “I seem to see a lot of lingerie purchases,” Sierra says. Meanwhile, she’s thinking, “Does he want me? I wonder if he’s ever had sex with a much-older woman.”