[PropertySex] Rachel Rivers (Nice Day To Get A Job / 02.02.2020)

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Rachel Rivers is two weeks behind on the rent, and when Tony Rubino finds her heading to the pool area to tan, he stops her. Rachel had told Tony she would look for jobs, but because it’s such a sunny day, she doesn’t want to waste the rays. Angry, Tony bides his time, but his anger dissipates when he sees Rachel sunbathing outside. Her plump booty turns Tony on, and eventually, she sees him spying on her. Rachel comes back inside and tells Tony she had an idea: wipe away her debt, and she can fuck him! Tony has been wanting to fuck Rachel for weeks, so when she takes out her small boobs and gets on her knees, his cock gets hard right away! Rachel gives Tony a sloppy blowjob, then lies back and teases him with her pink pussy. Tony fucks the Puerto Rican stunner hard, the cums on her big, round ass!