[PurgatoryX] Annabel Redd (Trim And A Shave Episode 1 / 01.04.2020)

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Annabel (Annabel Redd), a super cute and horny 20 something with gigantic tits, works the late shift at a men’s hair salon. She makes sure to always wear short shorts with a super sexy top. One evening, a handsome young man (Donnie Rock) arrives for a trim and a shave just before closing. Annabel sits Donnie in the chair and covers him in a barber’s cape, making sure to press her tits against his cheek. She reclines his chair and wraps a hot towel around his face. All the while she’s thinking about her sexy client and wonders what he’s packing between his legs. Her hand slides down his chest until she reaches the bulge in his pants. A surprised Donnie can’t resist his sexy barber and the special treatment he is about to receive.