Send Me A Selfie 2 (Kate Fresh) [TheLifeErotic]

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Send Me A Selfie 2 (Kate Fresh)

Horny Latvian babe Kate Fresh is chilling out at home, sending messages on her phone. Lounging on an armchair, the tattooed silver blonde is wearing a black top, skirt, and over-the-knee boots with chunky high heels. Her long legs are crossed and her skirt rides up to expose her naked thighs.

She lowers her skinny shoulder straps to bare perky, beautiful breasts and stiff pink nipples. Next, she snaps and sends a selfie – then, amused and aroused by the response, she fires off another.

Suddenly inspired, she fetches a handful of plastic clothespins and clamps one onto her left tit, pinching the soft flesh near her nipple. After sending another selfie to her anonymous partner in kink, she attaches another pin. Her right breast gets the same treatment, then she splays her thighs and hikes up her skirt to flaunt her shaved pussy.

She clips a clothespin onto each of her fleshy lips in turn, snapping intimate photographs as she goes along. Then she begins to masturbate, fingers rubbing her clit and slit. The camera moves in for a sharp close-up and, as she rocks back in her seat, she exposes her tender, puckered asshole to the lens.

As she plays with her pussy and the two pins, then adds another on the sensitive fold above her slit, she becomes increasingly aroused. One by one, she unclips two of her pussy pins and flings them away, moaning as sensation returns. Then she uses the remaining pin to splay her snatch wide open as she frigs herself with a black wand vibrator.

She grinds the toy against her crotch then kneels on the arms of her chair, ass in the air, reaching down between her legs to buzz her clit. Meanwhile, her free hand reaches over her back to plow her snatch. She stands up, one leg raised high on the arm of the chair, moaning and whimpering with pleasure as her orgasm starts to build. Her breasts quiver, clothespins fluttering like butterflies, then she lounges back, moaning and sighing rhythmically as she takes herself over the brink, legs clamping tight together around her hand as her body goes into spasm.

She switches off the vibe and sucks her juices off of the head, with one last clothespin clipped on her swollen, tender pussy. Then, as she relishes the afterglow, she snaps even more selfies…