[TheDickSuckers] Skylar Vox (Giving Skull / 01.19.2020)

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I’m trying to keep things real around here. Always have. Always will. Even when it includes the stroylines to my movies. So when I had the very popular Skylar Vox in for a day of dick sucking, instead of creating some sort of cheesy, BS story line, I just had Skylar talk about her experiences giving head. Blow job stories. Her toughts on sucking dick. All real. All Skylar. The stories she tells are from her real-life, dick-ducking escapades, and to me, that makes them hot. Mr. POV loved them too. He dropped his nut directly into her mouth, to which Skylar replied by gargling on the wad of sperm and swallowing it completely. She’d never gargled cum in her life before, and if you don’t believe me, watch the tail of of the BTS footage! Enjoy bro — your pal, Billy!